Love This City Tower


Love This City LLC which owns the copyright and trademarks to Pat Milbery’s most iconic Denver mural has agreed to license the Love This City imagery and phrases for use in conjunction with this site. With basis in the history of the city, this would be a memorable name and special affiliation for this development.

Its philosophy was memorialized in the Love This City art campaign initiated by Mayor Hancock and Visit Denver in 2016.

Love your City. Love yourself. You are worth it!

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A mirrored atrium protects and encloses elevator shaft mural space between the lower and upper structures while accentuating the art.

Inspired by the works in RiNo, this will be the largest mural space in the world and a draw for the city for years to come.

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1901 Arapahoe Street
Denver, CO 80202

The Love This City Tower is a mid-rise centrally located in LODO, DENVER.

Federal Blvd, I-25, and Highway 70 have the highest traffic density in Denver Metro. Neighbors including University of Denver, Coors Field, Five Points, & Capitol Hill nestle around this site.

It’s central location to all things “Denver” give this site a Class A Location.


Developments are now underway in adjacent sites. Market Station, a neighboring 10 story mega development is under construction. The Greyhound station across the street is planned for development. The area is showing high interest from institutional and private capital.

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Land Capital LLC is involved in some of the most exciting land projects in Denver, including land assemblage and development in the Westminster Station area, City of Louisville, and Boulder. Some notable recent developments include The Cantilevers at CTC, Denver Swans, and The Acoma House (Avenue of the Arts).

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The Formulative mission is to create and shape visions for land and monumental structures. Their mission is simple, create beauty and generations will benefit. From conceptualization to massing, Formulative chisels visions to perfection.

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Tokenized securities are putting a new wrapper around land, with a view to broaden the market and enhancing liquidity. Land tokenization is the process of representing an ownership interest in the land asset via stablecoins and Smart Contract Architecture utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain to transact & write Real Estate Contracts.

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